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About Us

Industrial1LVI provides leading Project Management for the industrial sheet metal and thermal insulation industry from project inception to project completion.

LVI has the expertise to manage every project requirement at every stage and provides a comprehensive knowledge of the Industrial Thermal Insulation industry, with site management, work procedures and procurement excellence, ensuring the rapid acquisition, construction and management of client assets.

Since it’s foundation, LVI has grown in local stature and is recognised for providing clients with a completely integrated range of services. From it’s Morwell operation, LVI combines a local perspective with specialist regional knowledge.

Industrial 2With proven experience in adapting to the demands of a particular project, LVI utilise the expertise of local tradespeople, resources and businesses and applies it’s own most exacting standards and methodologies to the task at hand.

Given the local knowledge and scope of LVI’s operation, any technical, industrial or procurement difficulties can be addressed and resolved quickly by sourcing from a variety of different channels.

In the process, forming solid working relationships with clients, suppliers, and contractors alike and delivering the benefits on a local perspective.

A flexible approach, which means throughout regional Victoria, LVI has been able to construct and activate Industrial Thermal Insulation and Sheetmetal projects to the highest specifications within the tightest deadlines.