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What we offer

LVI is Dedicated to Complete Flexibility

Whether projects are built separately or collectively, LVI’s expertise ensures an integrated and coherent solution for the Industrial Thermal Insulation industry.
Providing fully documented project records that facilitate project integrity and accurately profiled maintenance requirements.
These subsequently serve to strategically plan and cost any future construction or project expansions.
LVI offers a one stop shop — combining trades excellence with cost efficiency and a common sense approach ensuring:

About us 1

  • Quality
  • Safety and Security
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge of lacal market
  • Utilisation of local Trades (where possible)
  • Utilisation of local business

LVI Provides:

  • A clear understanding of client requirements
  • A dedicated team of experienced trades professionals
  • A commitment to ‘on time’ delivery
  • Understanding of Asbestos removal procedures and safety
  • Heading toward ISO 9002 Accreditation
  • The highest standards in workplace safety

What does LVI offer?About us 2

  • Determination of Project Requirements
  • Work Permit Negotiation
  • Detailed Construction Planning
  • Full Documentation with “as built” records
  • Handover
  • Maintenance
  • Knowledge of Local Assets i.e. Power Stations, Paper Mills, Manufacturing Plants